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As you work with me, you become more calm, and connected with family, friends and business associates. Your life becomes more in sync with what your values and ideals are and you flow more freely in your everyday life. Together, we will recharge your mind, body and spirit and renew you.

Andrea Michal is a Holistic Life Coach credentialed in ‘Evidence Based Coaching,’ Organizational Development and Leadership through Fielding Graduate University. She holds a B.A. in Communications from UCLA, and a certificate in mediation and conflict resolution.

Andrea is certified in mediation and conflict resolution and is a Shadow Work™ Facilitator and Way of Council Leader. She formerly owned and operated New Moon Wellness, a healing arts hub and conscious community center in Agoura Hills, California. Andrea is a proud mom of three boys (now grown men). She is an author of three self-development books. She currently resides in Princeville, Kauai. 

My Books

Abstract Horizon

Encounter the Light

Beacon of Light

Tribe of Light

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